Thinking of a renovation but don’t know the first steps?

Whether you want to create efficiencies of space, update your home, or prepare your property for sale, our team of staff and trades can help you complete your project on time and on budget. 

Our process: 


Scope of Work Development

We start by understanding your renovation goals.  We work with you on your priorities and timing, and your ultimate goal for the renovation.    This is done through an introduction meeting and review of your space.


Budgeting and Budget Distribution

Next we help you understand the numbers.  If you don’t know what your budget will get you, the budget you might need to achieve your goals, or where best to spend the budget you have, we break it down for you, and assist in how to get the best return on your renovation dollars.


Design and Planning

Design and planning is one of the most important initial stages of a renovation as colour, light, and flow determine the feel of a space.  You can either bring your design ideas to us, or we can assist you in options and decision making. From layout choices, reengineering of rooms, or the right choice of products, we can help you take those ideas from your goals into workable construction plans.



The complex process of permitting can be one of the most daunting parts of a renovation. We’ll help you understand what you need permits for, and carrying out the steps to obtain them on your behalf.


Strata Council APPLICATION AND Approval

Communicating the details of your renovation clearly and within the rules of your strata is an essential component to securing permission for renovations from your Strata Council. We help you prepare the necessary documents and gain permission to complete your project


Construction & Project Management

With our team of professionals, combined with qualified trades, we complete your project from beginning to end.   From demolition to completion, your project will be finished in a timely and professional manner.